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Over the years we have had dozens of shippers at our farm.  Many were good, most were at least acceptable ......some not so good.  We have  narrowed down our personal preferences to a couple shippers.  

**There is one in-state hauler that has never been on our place, but we have heard a lot of pretty bad reports concerning not only their hauling methods but their business ethics.  Contact us for more information.** or go to the web site: Ripoff Report.com and see what kind of negative reviews (if any) YOUR hauler has


Yoder Equine Transportation LLC - has been here a few times. They usually have a very competitive quote, and they are relatively local.



Equine Express


Nationwide transporters with multiple rigs

Twilight hauling out of central Alberta, Canada has been here several times to pick up horses bound for Alberta, SK, and BC. They know what they are doing.

E mail twilight.hauling@shaw.ca


CANADA 780 235-1367 text or voice

USA 509 981-4443 text or voice

We've had a couple of clients use this hauler:

Wilfong Equine Services out of Oregon for west coast hauls.
No complaints that I know of....
541-944-4999 (Sarah)
And now, the place to shop appears to be the facebook group:
Hitch Your Horse a Ride     https://www.facebook.com/groups/264407550241170/
U ship is an option....but do some background checking before giving anyone your money to have your horse hauled.  We've had some pretty 'marginal' haulers show up here off that web site. Actually, the people have been mostly ok - but some are not 'horse people' and more than a few trailers were NOT appropriate.  Ever try and put two HUGE pregnant broodmares into a very small (very old) two horse straight load?  Or load on a trailer so rusted and/or rotted you had to wonder if the floor was going to hold up much longer?  (We refused to load on those trailers, and contacted the buyers immediately).