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Broodmare pasture June, 2008.
Photo courtesy of APHA Journal.

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I update the albums for the youngest horses every week or two until winter. Since they are in the pasture most of the time, they do grow heavy winter hair. Winter photos rarely do them justice. Once they start to shed, I'll again take regular photos of them (usually in May).

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You can then click on each horse's photo for more information concerning that mare/sire.

1 mare bred to Gunnits Ris key Flyer

1 mare bred to Diaman H Smart Sparks

Mares bred to No Risk

Mares bred to Pepsis Color Master

April 15th, 2021
Grulla (grulla cream) tobiano/tovero colt

Sire: Pepsis Color Master
Dam: Diaman H Ris Key Zara

This colt is homozygous black and 5 panel negative through parentage.
We will be testing to confirm agouti status, tobiano/tovero status, and check for the cream gene, as well as homozygousity of dun factor.
Price will depend on test results.

(price should end up between $2500 and $3500)


5 hours old above

8 hours old below