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Ris Key Business daughters (2 and 3 year olds)  running for home!
Photo courtesy of APHA Journal

A deposit of 30% (with a minimum of $1000) is required to hold a foal until weaning. While the deposit is non refundable, we do guarantee a healthy, sound foal at weaning. If something happens to the foal before weaning, you may move your deposit to any other horse we have here. We cover all expenses until they are weaned (between 4 and 5 months of age), upon which risk of loss passes to the new owner. They will lead, load and stand tied when you get them. We will keep them current on deworming while they are here. We will also work on picking up feet for hoof trims. We expect you to pick up your foal within 30 days of weaning. You are welcome to leave them here longer, in fact we often have foals boarded here until the next spring, but we WILL start charging boarding fees after 30 days.



SALE PENDING - means we have received a deposit to hold that horse and payments are being made along with board fees.  

Circumstances change for some buyers.....generally when the payments are later than the 30 day 'grace period', that horse will again be listed for sale.  SO if you see a 'sale pending' horse that you would like to be kept informed of it's status, let me know. 



Prices are subject to change without notice.    

You will find pedigrees and prices here, as well as a photo or two - but if you want TONS of photos, go to the face book page Diaman H Stables and look for the individual albums....

If you would like to see dozens (hundreds?) of photos of these foals (or any of our other horses), you can find them at our face book page: Diaman H Stables

Because Diaman H Stables face book page is a business page, it MUST be set to public viewing....which means you do NOT need to have a face book account to access the albums.

I update the albums for the youngest horses every week or two until winter. Since they are in the pasture most of the time, they do grow heavy winter hair. Winter photos rarely do them justice. Once they start to shed, I'll again take regular photos of them (usually in May).

If you want to be automatically informed when I update photos, simply "LIKE" the Diaman H Stables page.

Thank you!