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If you would like to see dozens (hundreds?) of photos of these foals (or any of our other horses), you can find them at our face book page: Diaman H Stables

Because Diaman H Stables face book page is a business page, it MUST be set to public viewing....which means you do NOT need to have a face book account to access the albums.

I update the albums for the youngest horses every week or two until winter. Since they are in the pasture most of the time, they do grow heavy winter hair. Winter photos rarely do them justice. Once they start to shed, I'll again take regular photos of them (usually in May).

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Diaman H Riskin Color
2020 perlino tobiano gelding

Sire: Pepsis Color Master
Dam: Diaman H Golden Risk (by Ris Key Business)

Super friendly, quiet and easy going gelding that should mature in the 15 hand range.

$4000 (or reasonable offer)



2012 dun tobiano gelding

Super friendly gelding that stands around 15 hands. Broke to ride on trails, or in the arena.

He's quiet enough that he'd probably make a decent lesson horse.

This guy has been safe and reliable on trails. He neck reins well. He will come find you in the pasture and LOVES attention. We have been riding him in a hackamore, but he does ride better in a snaffle. He's had some rough handling in the past and does not take the bit well. Time and patience and let HIM take the bit (do not force) works well.....but it's just easier for us to use a hackamore.
We just had the vet look at him since you can hear him breathe at times (regardless of exercise) and with a scope they determined he does NOT have allergies or COPD, he's simply what commonly is known as a 'roarer'. His condition does not get worse and he should not have any problems with trail riding, fun shows, etc. (Our vet did say he'd advise against turning him into a long distance race horse. LOL)





2010 sorrel tobiano mare

Sweet, reliable mare that stands just over 14 hands. Broke to ride on trails, or in the arena. Very well broke, can spin a hole in the ground off leg pressure. Rides with, or without a bit. Suitable for child with experience, or smaller adult. Sally is no dead head, so she won't work for a younger child (unless they grew up on a horse).

Sally loves attention, but we do use grain to catch her in the open pasture. (She's had a rough handler previously.) She is sweet and affectionate and she is looking for a kind owner and her 'forever' home.




2001 sorrel gelding

Older gelding that still has a lot of good years in him. His topline does show his age, he has never taken a bad step in all the time we've had him. While vet checks are always welcome for any horse you are interested in, he has proven to be 100% sound in the pasture and under saddle.
Sonny is very quiet and gentle. He is easy to handle, easy to be around and loves attention. He stands at/over 15 hands. He does get buddy sour. That works to your advantage on trails, if you have a non-rider, since Sonny will follow his 'buddy' closely. Sonny is a very easy keeper, and is in 40 acres with over a dozen other geldings and/or stallion prospects. They are getting through the winter very easily on grass hay.


**AVAILABLE** - sale fell through, buyer's niece lost interest in horses.